Sunday, January 5, 2014

Jan 4 Menu

Today's main meal was Thursday redux  . . . leftover spaghetti.  And it wasn't really dinner.  We ate it about 2 pm.  We'd had a big omelette breakfast (no toast!), so had a late lunch.  We finished off the day with a bowl of real popcorn.  We don't do microwave or airpopped corn.  I have an old Westbend popper where you put the kernels in the bottom of the popper and a metal stirring rod spins around slowly.  I add about a tsp of olive or canola oil in the bottom before adding the kernels.  Then you put a big plastic dome over it and wait . .. not very long!  If you're feeling decadent, you can add melted butter through the top of the dome, but we do that only about once a year.  We didn't do it last night.  Add in snacks throughout the day of a couple of clementines and a grapefruit, and that was it for meals on January 4th!

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Martha Spong said...

Happy New Year!