Sunday, January 1, 2006

Works in Progress

Seems like a good day to take stock of the projects that are in progress - in all areas of my life!

As far as knitting:
  • A purple-y cable pullover sweater for myself in Valley Yarns Monterey. A friend and I were shopping at the WEBS store in October. and I saw this sweater sample made up. I bought the yarn and the pattern then, and started knitting it just after Thanksgiving. It's been moving along quickly considering I usually only get about 1/2 hour of daily knitting on normal work days.
  • A Scrap Afghan - This is done on circular needles - just straight knitting across 425 stitches with scrap stash yarns, worsted weight mostly, although sometimes I've doubled a fingering weight scrap. At each "side seam" is a slipped stitch so that when I decide it's long enough, all I need to do is seam the top and bottom and I will have a 2 sided blanket. All the loose ends of the joined yarns will be inside. The yarns are randomly joined forming a random striped pattern. I just pull out a color, knit a random number of stitches, and then cut. Then I join a new color. It's completely random and looks terrific. It's also completely "mindless" - I don't have to concentrate on a pattern and it's very soothing when I want to knit but don't want to fuss with a pattern.
  • A lace scarf fromValley Yarns Florence - a kid mohair/merino/acrylic blend.

Still to knit, but not started: A cardigan from a wool/cotton blend for me, and several pairs of socks.

Reading: I have 2 "growing my soul/mind" books in progress right now. Love Without End by Glenda Green is an incredible, mind-blowing account of her experience of a visitation with Jesus. I'm also re-starting Marion Woodward's The Ravished Bridegroom. For fun, I just finished Fannie Flagg's A Redbird Christmas. I also have a slew of middle school novels in my to be read pile.

Household: I need to finish painting my new bathroom/laundry/entry addition. The construction on this project started last June, but ran into a number of difficulties and delays. Mostly what needs doing is "finish work" which is our job. It's hard to get it all done!

Organizing and de-cluttering the house is also on the back burners as usual.

Exercise: I've been a gym member for aobut 5 years. My husband and I do water aerobics twice a week, but have slacked off on going out on the floor for additional cardio work and strength training. Since we are both significantly overweight, we need to get re-focused on our exercise regimens as well as our diets.

Setting Priorities: I spend most of my day on the run. That alarm goes off at 4:45 am and I don't hit the pillow again most nights til 10:30 ish. I'm at work from 6:30-4:00 most days, and then it's to the gym several days a week. I also have meetings at night several nights a month (I'm active in my church as a deacon). Then it's school work /parent calls/etc. and maybe a load of laundry before "relaxing " at 8:30-9:00 at night. I've started to cut back: I gave up leading the high school youth group at church, stepped down as chair of a school district committee, and said "No" to some new opportunities. There doesn't seem anything else I can cut to find some down time ---- Work isn't an option! :) I'm trying to restructure my day so that I don't always feels so stressed. . . .