Monday, February 16, 2015

Ya Gotta Love the Snow

Fourth snow storm in three weeks has left us with about 3.5 feet on the level, with drifts and plow piles exceeding 6 feet.  And we've been lucky -- in all 4 storms we've gotten the lesser amounts of snow.  Further east of us, you can double the amount of on the level snow.  The saving grace is that all of this white wonder has been the light and fluffy kind, like powdered sugar.  Of course with this last storm, we've also had the blessing of super strong winds which has caused no end of problems on the road ways.  Plus we also have subzero windchills.  This morning at 6 am, our porch thermometer read -7°F and the windchill was at -28°F.

These pictures are from the storm just before the lastest one -- so all the piles are just that much higher!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Finished (and Successful!) Knitting Project

My knitting mojo has been off this year.  I spent a lot of time on a fancy cowl with beads and luxury yarn, only to connect it with an extra twist so it doesn't lie correctly.  I have to unpick some fussy, fuzzy yarn and reknit about a third of the cowl.  It's hibernating until I feel enthusiastic about it.

I knit a gorgeous sweater -to gauge! -- and the armholes/sleeves are too wide and baggy.  It won't be hard fix, but I was so bummed, I stuffed it into its project bag and I've refused to look at it.

But, at last, I am happy with a project.  I pulled out a favorite sock pattern, and made myself another pair of socks out of some lovely hand-dyed yarn.  And they are perfect!

It's the Waving Lace pattern by Evelyn Clark, found in Favorite Socks: 25 Timeless Designs from Interweave Knits.    The yarn is Valley Yarns Charlemont Kettle Dye from Webs.  The yarn is 60% merino, 20% silk, and 20% "other."

Meanwhile, it's been snowing.  And snowing.  We got about 14 inches on Jan 27-28, another 10+ inches on Feb. 3, and we're due today and tomorrow for another 18-20 inches.  We've had 3 snow days and 2 delays in that last 2 weeks.  I will regret those lovely snow days come June.