Sunday, May 27, 2012

Frustrated and Annoyed

My hands hurt.  The more medical advice I get, the more they hurt.  It started with my left middle finger.  It swelled to twice its size and became very painful to bend and use.  I went to my dr who ordered an Xray which showed that my left hand is missing cartilage between just about all the first knuckles of my fingers . . .but that's not where the pain was located, nor did that joint seem to be the source.  She sent me to the orthopedics dr who diagnosed tendonitis and treated me with an 8 day course of predisone.  That reduced the swelling a bit, and the pain lessened.  About a week after I finished the prednisone, the finger started swelling again, and it became even more painful.   At the same time, several fingers on my right hand started acting up and the right hand side of my wrist (under the little finger) got quite painful. A second visit to the orthopedist resulted in blood tests that show that I may have some sort of inflammatory disease, but the tests weren't precise enough to indicate which of several.  I have to now go see a rheumatologist  once they can find an appointment for.  I've also been referred to occupational therapy.  They've recommended some finger and hand exercises plus contrast baths (hot and cold) several times a day.  I'm also to  relieve pain and swelling with Aleve and Tylenol per dr's orders.

All which goes to say that while I've been given the OK to knit, I can't!  It hurts too much, and I can't grasp the needles well.  I also am having difficulty opening jars, cutting fruit and veggies for meals, opening doors, and even shifting my car into drive and reverse.

Today I'm frustrated because I had a hard time repotting some plants, and so I decided to enjoy the beautiful weather on my screen porch and work on a jigsaw puzzle since I can't knit.  But can I find my puzzle board anywhere????  We had a new heating system put in this past fall, and things got moved. I've always kept my puzzle board (a large felted board that folds up, holding puzzles in progress) behind a large desk in the family room.  The desk and therefore the board was moved during the renovation. Can I find it anywhere??? Nope.  I didn't move the furniture - it was done by the heating people.  Everything else was left in the middle of the rooms they were working in.  Not the board!

Oh well. I just might have to buy a Kindle book since I'm just about finished with the one I'm reading.