Saturday, October 4, 2014

Latest Knitting!

I've been working most of the year on mystery projects.  I joined Laura Nelkins "M Club" this year, and received yarns and patterns for 4 projects.  The catch was that I had no idea what I was knitting until we were done (or almost done!).  I have completed 2 of the 4 projects successfully.  I knit a 3rd project but apparently twisted it when I joined it, so it's in the "need to fix" pile of projects.  I have one more to go, but I think I'm going to take a break, and start a sweater instead.

Here are the 2 projects that I've finished:

The first was Magpie

This was a lot of fun to knit, and it can be worn as a scarf, a shawlette, or even a shrug if you fold it in half and add snaps to the narrow ends for sleeves.  I love working with beads and the construction of this project was fascinating!

The second successful project is blocking as I type.  It's Magnify - a lovely shawl knit from a yarn called MerGoat Lace, a blend of merino wool and cashmere.

Lots of beads on this one.  I learned to use a beading needle with this project which makes placing beads a lot simpler.

I've also knit Magnify, a lovely pale green cowl, but that's the project I have to fix.  I still need to do Magmatic which is a gorgeous scarf.  I will be learning how to steek (a knitting skill where you actually CUT your knitting!)  and making a twisted fringe.

I reluctantly decided that I couldn't join the 2015 M Club. Finances are tight, and I have about 10 other projects in my knitting queue to finish first.  And I started to get a little stressed because I don't have a lot of knitting time, and despite the fact that there only self-imposed deadlines, I didn't like not being finished with one project before the next one started!

So that's what's been on my needles all year!


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