Saturday, November 17, 2007

Not much happening in this corner of the world

For a short, easy school week, it felt quite long. It started with a 4 day weekend - Nov 9 was a "comp" day to make up for all the hours we put in for parent conferences and Monday was Veterans' Day. On Tuesday we had a regular school day and then held parent conferences until 7 pm. Wed-Friday we took our 6th graders to a terrific outdoor educational school - Boston University's Sargent Center --- for 3 days of great outdoor experiences. Unfortunately for the kids, Thursday was a day of torrential rain. Friday was sunny but wintery --- temps in the high 30's. They had a blast despite being soaked on Thursday and chilly on Friday!

Today was a chore day at home - it doesn't look like we did a lot, but much of it was "behind the scenes". In other words, we went through some storage areas and threw out a ton of stuff that we'd accumulated over 30 years. I also got several loads of laundry done, went to a Weight Watchers' meeting (I lost over 6 pounds!!!), and completed some paperwork that needed attention.

Tomorrow is our Thanksgiving service at church, church council meeting, and then in the evening is our community's Interfaith Thanksgiving service. That's a tradition that goes back about 30 years and rotates between 3 churches. Tomorrow night's service is hosted by my church. The service is well-attended and is led by our local UCC churches, our local Catholic church, our local Jewish leader, an Islamic leader, and the local Friends' meeting. Last year, in the absence of a pastor from our church, I was part of the leadership. This year all I have to do is provide the Spanish translations for the benediction. . . .

El Senor te bendiga y te guarde
May the Lord bless you and keep you.

El Senor te mire con agrado y te extienda su amor
May the Lord make his countenance shine upon you and be gracious to you

El Senor te muestre su favor y te conceda la paz.
May the Lord turn his countenance upon you and give you peace.


Lisette M said...

Thanks so much for responding! I did put an email through to Webs because I could not find any corrections.
Can you believe what a small world this is? My father studied at the Universidad de la Habana.
I see that you translate too. I am an interpreter for the public schools in the county and I will be very,very busy Monday and Tuesday interpreting for parent/teacher conferences.
Thanks again! Looking forward to seeing your tunic. I'll start mine once my mom finishes with the pattern.

Cathy said...

Great news on 6 lb weight loss!

Lisette M said...

My father's diploma says he graduated in 1950. He did 5 years there which was the equivalent of undergraduate and masters degree here. He was an electrical engineer with specialty in communications. He worked for CMQ in Havana where he and my mother met. They were married in 1959 and the family including my brother and I did not leave until 1974. We spent a year in Madrid, Spain and then went to Union City,NJ. My father worked for CBS in NYC until his death in 1992.

Panhandle Jane said...

Congratulations on your weight loss! Thanks also for the info on the Ruana pattern. I have it in hand, and I'm awaiting a Webs shipment on the yarn.