Saturday, April 18, 2009

Vacation Plans

We finally reached April vacation -- after this it's straight on til summer. The kids get out of school on June 19th but we teachers are there til June 23rd. We have to make up the days in our contract from the ice storm days we lost. This was a long week in school, and the kids were not exactly on their best behaviors.

So far while quite welcome, vacation has started out less than stellar. Both my husband and I are sick. I think it's variations of the same heavy cold. He has a severe head cold, while I have a severe chest cold. I went to the doctor on Thursday because I felt so horrible and feared that it might be pneumonia. As of Thursday evening, it wasn't, though I need to check back on Monday. The doctor is suspicious that I might have asthma and that is why this chest cold seems so much more difficult. He gave me an inhaler to use and wants to run some diagnostic tests once I'm well. My chest is easier, I must admit, and in general, I feel better, except for sheer exhaustion. I hope that today is the peak of the "worst" as far as my husband goes, and that we'll be a lot better by Monday.

We are planning a short trip to Newport, RI later this week with friends, but we also have tons of yard work to do. The ice storm wreaked havoc with the trees, and now that the snow is FINALLY gone, and the ground has dried out a bit, we can tackle cutting the trees that need cutting, and we can start the ice storm cleanup. It's a mess!

My daffodils burst into bloom yesterday, and a few crocus are in full display. But some of flowering shrubs were demolished, so I have to see what can be salvaged. The worst hit was a beautiful magnolia bush/tree that was split in half. It's a sad sight. Of course the forecast is for a rainy week. We'll see how much gets done!

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Panhandle Jane said...

I hope you feel better soon! We start to school earlier than you do, and we only had one snow day, so we'll be out at the end of May.