Wednesday, December 23, 2009

And the Race is On!

It's the day before the day before Christmas, school is out, and it's time for the final sprint.   School is out, and now I have time to get some things done that should get done.  Last year we were still without electricity due to the ice storm, and I was freaking out about how I'd do Christmas dinner, etc.  But last year both my sons were coming home.  This year, our "baby" (28 years old) won't be home.  That's the first time for both of us!  I realized last night that it's bothering me a lot more than I expected.   I'm tearing up even as I write this!  I'm guessing that's why I'm not super anxious that a lot of stuff isn't done.  Of course that's not fair to Elder Son who WILL be here!  

So, on today's agenda:
  • grocery shopping, once I finalize the menus
  • gift-wrapping
  • looking for the tree skirt to go under the lighted, but decoration-less tree so we can put the wrapped gifts under the tree.
  • cookie baking or "Best Buttermilk Poundcake baking.  (What doesn't get baked today, gets baked tomorrow)
  • water aerobics at 5 pm - a MUST!
Wish me luck!

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Panhandle Jane said...

I hope it all goes well. I had one of those moments, ironically the morning of the last day of school. I had decorated my tree--alone--the night before and the combination of missing my children who used to help me and the knowledge of how many of my loved ones are no longer with us for the holidays just put me right over. I finally retreated to the Sonic Drive In for breakfast to calm down--DH was already at work--and went in to school unnecessarily early. However, my mood passed with the arrival of those that did gather for Christmas, coupled with my next door teaching neighbor having a detachment in her eye during the day and having to cover her classes. That was a real scare for a single mother of a 5th grader. May your holiday be wonderful, and may your younger son also have a nice Christmas.