Sunday, March 7, 2010


My February Lady sweater is coming out too small.  This was my Knitting Olympics project which I didn't finish.  I got to a point yesterday where I could try it on, and it's too small.  I had gone down a needle size to get gauge, and I'm still getting it, but it's not fitting right.  The yoke is perfect, but the body just doesn't have enough room.  My 2 choices are to continue on and find somebody it fits, or to rip it out and try again using a larger needle.  I don't have enough yarn to knit the next size.   I'm annoyed because all the comments I've read about this sweater are that it comes out large, so if in doubt about which size to knit, knit the smaller size.  I wasn't in doubt -- I knit the finished bust size that always works for me, and I swatched.  I think this pattern, which I love by the way, could be improved by having a schematic with all the finished measurements for the size.  It's one of those patterns that tells you to knit til it's the desired length.  What it neglects to state (although I guess I should have done all the math ahead of time) is the finished width at various points.

Anyway, I'm really annoyed with myself!


Cathy said...

I am so sorry it's not working out to fit. I hate that because I know the amount of work it takes!

Songbird said...

Well, I'm annoyed with the sweater! Not with you! Rats!!!