Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Knitting Project of 2011

I have temporarily abandoned a major knitting project because I am trying to locate some more yarn in the appropriate dye lot.  I've tried Ravelry, Ebay, and several on line knitting stores.  I've managed to locate 1.25 skeins so now I'm just waiting for the yarn to arrive, and I'm hoping that that will be enough.

In the mean time I decided to use up some stash. I knit the Listado Cowl from Nelkins Designs.  I used leftover yarn from a previous project, "Audrey" from Shaefer Yarns in the color Indira Ghandi.  Since the yarn was slightly lighter than the suggested yarn, I went up needle size and used 8's.  It was  very quick and easy pattern, and I wore it to school today in the 7° F weather we had.  It worked perfectly!  I may use this pattern to whip up some Christmas gifts for next year!


Panhandle Jane said...

That is very attractive. I was thinking about knitting a cowl when I finish my clapotis, which may be awhile because I can't remember where I put the yarn before Christmas! I see you may be headed for more snow. We are still cold and dry with NO precipitation. The winter wheat is hurting for moisture.

Cathy said...

Looks very nice!