Saturday, August 27, 2011

Storm Preparations

We are expecting Irene's visit tomorrow morning, though the rain has already started.  We live in the southwest corner of NH, so we are more concerned about flooding than wind, but you never know.  School was cancelled yesterday for Monday which was supposed to have been the first day of school for students.  Personally, we brought in some things from the yard that could blow around if we do get wind, my husband did the regular grocery shopping this morning instead of tomorrow, and we've got generator gas, full gas tanks in our vehicles,  and extra batteries.

I also made sure our cell phones are charged as is my Kindle.  But the biggest preparation of all?? My best yarn buddy and I made the trek down to WEBS in Northampton, MA today for a yarn fix.  We live about an hour and 10 minutes from the yarn mecca and it's an easy drive.  We had a lovely day fondling yarn, and we spent a considerable amount of money!  I have 6 projects worth of yarn (2 sweaters, an afghan, a pair of socks, and 2 scarves).  So, the hatches are battened down, the fridge is full, and I've got books and yarn.

I'm ready.

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