Monday, December 31, 2012

I Did It!

I managed to complete my goal of reading 125 books this year.  I just finished the last one of 2013, an early Jodi Picoult, Picture Perfect.   I have to admit I didn't much care for it.

Looking at what I've read this year, I can count 12 nonfiction titles.  I read 2 books about American military nurses during 20th century combat,  a fascinating but devastating account of life during the Dust Bowl, a challenging book about genetic research, a book about where creativity comes from, an anthology of true-live survival stories, a humorous look at our Puritan heritage, and a couple of theological/spiritual books.

I did  most of my reading (62 books) on either my Kindle or my Ipad!  While I do miss the physicality of a book, I really appreciate the convenience and ease of ebooks. And it's done wonders for keeping my counters and kitchen table clear of book piles.  I have fallen in love with my state library's ebook collection too.  I miss going to my public library, but their open hours aren't always convenient which is a problem now that the book collection bin outside the library is gone.  I have had too many overdue books this year because the library isn't open when I go past it in the morning or in the evening after work!

I read series, mostly police procedurals.  I started began to read Tess Gerritsen's Rizzoli and Isles series, started re-reading Elizabeth George's Inspector Lynley series, continued with Louise Penny's Inspector Gamache series and Charles Todd's Inspector Rutledge series,  and read some of C.J. Box's Joe Pickett series. I also read Ann Perry (Thomas Pitt) and Jacqueline Winspear (Maisie Dobbs).   I tried some new authors: Karen MacInerny, Elin Hilderbrand, Leslie Meier, and Peter Lovesey to name a few.  I enjoyed some Mark Schweitzer  and Alexander McCall Smith.

What am I looking forward to reading in 2013?  I would love to discover a new series from a prolific, interesting writer!

Some books that are on hold at the state library are:
A Discovery of Witches   Deborah Harkness
This Body of Death  Elizabeth George
Berried to the Hilt Karen MacInerney
Perfect Hope Nora Roberts

Others I want to read:

Dana Stabenow's new Kate Shugak novel Bad Blood due out in February
Maeve Binchy's A Week in Winter due out in Feb.
Jacqueline Winspear's Leaving Everything Most Loved due out in March

And I am still working away at the The Fall of the Roman Empire: A New History.  I got a bit bogged down in the Balkans(!) and have to have some time to get myself clear about where everything is.  ONe of the drawbacks I've discovered with an ebook is that it's hard to use the maps which are referred to often!

I haven't decided if I'm going to set a reading goal this year.  I don't want reading to be a chore!  I do like keeping track though of what I've read.  It IS a lot!  And I don't keep track of magazines, blogs, and journals I also read either!  (Time, Real Simple, Cooking Light, Education Week, the Huffington Post, Money, Sojourners, etc.)

I wish good reading to all in 2013!


Panhandle Jane said...

Your state library has some titles I would love to have access to.

I did something terrible. I, too, have been going to ebooks and audio. When it came to moving, I got rid of many books except classics or those that I know will probably not make it to electronic or audio. I have a Kindle 2, which I need to update, a Nook Simple Touch and Nook Color. Then I packed all my chargers and the Kindle together, and I've forgotten what box I put them in. Both of the Nooks are available, but I can't charge them, and I'm reluctant to lay out the money for special chargers. My iPhone charger is in there as well and the wall charger to my MP3 players, but I can charge the latter via USB from the computer (slower), and I borrowed an extra phone charger from one of my children. I can charge the phone in the car as well. I know they will turn up eventually.

Congratulations on your reading progress. I'm not sure what kind of goal I'm setting for next year. I'm thinking of doing some short-term, subject-oriented ones.

Happy New Year!

Christine said...

In the past two years you have given me some wonderful new authors! I wonder if you have ready any of these authors who are favorites of mine: Ruth Rendell and Barbara Vine (same author), Peter Turnbull, Nicci French, Reginald Hill? I am rereading the James Herriot books over the holidays - never get "old" to me.