Thursday, July 11, 2013

Very Slow . . .Progress in Teeny Increments

The house construction is moving at a snail's pace, and every time we take a step forward, we seem to end up going back 2 spaces!

The tiling is still underway in both bathrooms.  The first delay was waiting for the shower shelves, the soap dish, and the grab bars to arrive.  They came in yesterday.  Now we are waiting on the vanity countertops to arrive.

The kitchen is still in transition.  There was a major error by the contractor (who is no longer working for us) and the measurements were off by 3 inches for the cabinets.  That meant we had to re-order 2 cabinets and then wait for them to be installed.  Meanwhile all the appliances arrived.  The final cabinets were installed yesterday, but the installers discovered a crack in one of the previously installed cabinets (another contractor goof).  Now we need to figure out the best solution for that.

Meanwhile the painting is almost finished.  There's a ton of trim to complete and then some final touchups.  Other tasks to be completed before we can think about moving in include:

template and install the granite kitchen counters
installing the toe kicks and crown molding on the cabinets
install the gas cooktop and downdraft in the island
install the rest of the appliances
install the plumbing fixtures (toilets and faucets)
install the central AC unit
get railings put up on the deck so that no one falls off (required for occupance permit)
finish choosing cabinet and vanity hardware and getting that installed
finish choosing lighting fixtures
installing the closet shelving in master closet, coat closet, and pantry

There are some other items that need finishing but don't HAVE to be done before move in -- installing the overhead garage doors, and finish getting the garage taped, mudded, and painted.

Oh and did I mention a plumbing leak in the basement that is now fixed, but the sheetrock got wet and mold started to grow?  That is also a solved problem, but just another wrinkle.

The original plan was to be MOVING in this month and getting settled before school started.  Oh, such foolish and naive dreams!

I did buy some new furniture for the living area however.  Fortunately we needed a new couch and chair anyway.  We've been suffering with a couch and chair we bought on the very cheap 12 years ago,  knowing that we wouldn't get much wear out of them.  I fell in love with this beauty in February and then spent a lot of time looking for a compatible reclining chair.  And then I waited for the store's summer sale!

Both are leather, and they are super comfortable for both of us.  Once the appliances get installed, I can have the furniture delivered.

We will be able to furnish the rest of the house with what we have . . . maybe slightly repurposed.

So, that's the scoop on the new house.

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