Monday, September 1, 2014

Small Things Make Me Happy

Maybe it's my age (60!!).  But small things are just tickling my fancy nowadays.

Here's one of them:

I installed the iron/ironing board hangar all by myself!  I even used wall anchors.  And it only took me 15 minutes!  (Yes, I have an "antique" ironing board. It's longer than the ones you find in stores today, and it's wider too.  Plus it's heavy.  I've had it 37 years, and it was old when I got it.  I think it belonged to my mother-in-law's sister.  The rubber cushion on the foot was missing when I inherited it.)  At least now it won't fall over when I brush past it!

Here's another very similar thing that makes me happy.  And I also installed the broom rack myself.  This took me an hour and half though!

Now I'm thinking of tackling some robe hooks for the bathroom!

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