Saturday, February 14, 2009


1. I am constantly tired and sleepy. I've been going to bed earlier than normal -- between 8 and 9 pm instead of my usual 10 pm. I've been sleeping soundly and have had a hard time waking up with my 4:45 am alarm. I was home Thursday - slept soundly until 8:30 am, got up, dressed, and then napped for another couple of hours. Then up for a while, and another nap. ... Bed early on Thursday night too. Last night I hit the hay at 8:30, slept til 7:30 am. I'm feeling sleepy now at 6 pm. I'm not sure what's going on. . . .

2. I'm making progress with my physical therapy. . . Much fewer episodes of tingling and numbness, and aside from the development of "trigger finger" my shoulder is also improving.

3. It's amazing to see it still light at 5 pm. Spring is coming.

4. 6.5 hours of school work on a Saturday is too much.

5. My house is a mess. The kitchen table is covered and the floors need vacuuming and cleaning. I don't care -- much.

6. I haven't been knitting because of the above issues with my hand and shoulder.


Panhandle Jane said...

Oh, Deb, I hope you feel better soon.

Jennifer said...

Ditto. I am keeping you in my prayers.