Thursday, March 5, 2009

Since I'm not Knitting, I'm Reading -- Book #27

The Serpent's Daughter: A Jade Del Cameron Mystery The Serpent's Daughter: A Jade Del Cameron Mystery by Suzanne Arruda

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Another very enjoyable read! Suzanne Arruda has created an appealing heroine in Jade del Cameron. She is feisty, daring. clever, and pretty lucky! In this 3rd installment of the series, Jade is in Morocco, reluctantly, with her mother. They have a difficult relationship; Jade isn't the daughter Inez wishes for, and Jade feels she is never able to please her. Events move swiftly: Jade's mother is kidnapped, Jade is captured by a set of mysterious miscreants, there's a missing amulet, drug smuggling, and is Olivia Lilith Worthy back? This series reminds me a bit of Indiana Jones' films with Jade filling his role, not as an archeologist, but as the rough and tumble adventurer out to avenge all wrongs.

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