Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hot Humid Blahs

Another hot and humid day is in the cards. When it's so soupy, it's hard to get motivated to clean the kitchen, vacuum the house, and washing floors makes no sense since they won't dry. I blocked my Radiance Cable sweater (foolishly) and now I'm afraid it will mold before it dries. (Pictures eventually). Before I forget, there's a nice little giveaway here

Just 2 weeks left before it's back to fast-track. Still to accomplish are most of my summer goals. I contacted someone about helping us renovate a couple of the rooms we need help with, but they haven't gotten back to me yet. So that won't be done before I go back. I have gotten some knitting done -- I finished 2 sweaters, and I started a long queued project - more on that later.

I had my physical yesterday -- no big changes other than unwelcome weight gain which I already knew about since my clothes don' fit! Everything else is fine, though. I'm trying to get a handle on diet and exercise again. In addition to my twice-a-week water aerobics (40 minutes of moderate to intense cardio), I've added 30 minutes of swimming-against-the-jets in the pool once or twice a week. I'm also measuring my food again --- and really watching the calories! I hope that I will eventually be rewarded!

Some wonderful news though! Our church has called a pastor who starts this Sunday! I haven't met her yet; I was in Greece when she preached and was voted on. (For those of you unfamiliar with the United Church of Christ, each individual church calls its own pastor) We have been 3 years without a settled pastor, and almost a year without ANY pastor. We are exhausted as you might well imagine! So if you are so inclined, pray for us!


Panhandle Jane said...

I wish that we had some resources here for something like your water aerobics class. That soundds like fun. Here it is pretty much just walking or running and that's it. When school starts, I'll get back into my indoor walking routine.

I didn't get many of my summer projects accomplished either. That always makes me feel bad when I go back to school, but when you are having to wait on other people to do their thing before you can do yours, you are left in something of a mess.

LizzieK8 said...

Deb, try using I found logging in everything and especially using it to plan my meals for the day really made all the difference in the world for controlling calories.

Use the Daily Chart option to keep your total Carb intake at about, give or take 5%, 50%, your proteins and fats at 25%. I guarantee that along with your exercise, you'll loose weight as long as your calorie count is within a "loose weight" range. Remember you need to cut out about 500 calories a day to loose a pound a week.

And usually, not every day, but usually, I have difficulty eating enough food in the proper ratios to get to my calorie goal. It really insists you make choices as to how you'll spend your calories, yet if you "have" to have that special treat, you can do it and adjust the rest of your daily intake to compensate for it.

Deb said...

Thanks for the website. I'll check it out. Motivation is my own worst enemy. When I'm motivated, everything works, when I'm not . . .In my ideal world, I'd have a personal chef preparing my meals, so I wouldn't be tempted.