Friday, July 22, 2011

New Residents

We have been watching, with great interest, a bird house right in front of our kitchen windows. A pair of chickadees have called it home, and when we left for Switzerland, we wondered if we'd miss the excitement. We did not! Since we've been home, Momma and Papa hav been busy flying back and forth with all sorts of delectable goodies for their offspring. Today, they fledged. I've managed to grab a few shots of the action through my kitchen window. I shot through a screen so that's why they're on the fuzzy side. It's been fun watching them practice as they stretch their wings. I've never seen nesting chickadees before so I've been like a kid again. Momma has been flying back and forth with treats. We watched her bring a green caterpillar, about 2 inches long, to junior. He grabbed it and it was gone in a blink of an eye. Just a minute ago, junior hopped onto the window screen, hopped up to the roof, and then . . . solo flight across the yard to the magnolia tree.
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