Saturday, September 10, 2011

Friday Five On Saturday: Your Work Space

Yesterday's Friday Five from RevGalBlogPals:
I don't know about you, but I am a notoriously messy creative worker.  My workspace at home, and at my office is always littered with books and papers and mail and pens and keys and mugs....and tschotske (momentos, weird things, etc.)   I am looking right now at a pair of dice that someone gave me that have "God" on each side, so that anyway you roll 'em, you end up with God.  Different, right? 

So, this Friday Five is all about YOUR tschotske in your workplace.  Describe five things in/on your workspace (however you define workspace--I tend to spill over onto bedside tables, end tables, coffee tables...create wherever I land) that are special to you!   Bonus points for pictures!    

My Workspace at 6:40 am

The two pictures are from my workspace in my 6th grade classroom.  It's how my desk space looked Friday morning at 6:40 am.    
Five items in the pictures:

  1. The red clock in the center of my desk is waiting to get hung up.  I have to find a longer screw, nail or hook to put it over my board. And I have to find a hammer or screwdriver to put the screw, nail or hook into the wall.  Then I can hang the clock.  There is already a wall clock but our automatic school clock has a habit of counting time in a odd way. Every so often, we gain/lose odd amounts of time.  Sometimes it gets stuck, and time stands still!  So I like to have a backup.  Our school doesn't use bells, so we have to dismiss our classes on our own.
  2. In the 2nd picture you can see a orange stick puppet with straw hat.  He's on my Pass In basket.  Quite a few years ago now, we did a whole grade integrated unit based on the novel Holes.  As a final project, we divided all the kids up into groups and each teacher led an activity.  My group created puppet shows based on the novel.  This was one of the puppets a student created.  I saved it and he's been guarding the Pass In basket ever since.
  3. The paper towel roll in picture 2 is used daily to wipe up spills, clean desks, wipe off the white board.  
  4. In the first picture is a small silver bell on the front edge of my desk.  A student gave it to me one Christmas, years ago.  I use it sometimes to get the class's attention.  I can't believe I still have it.
  5. The desk itself is new-to-me.  I had a honking large desk that took up too much valuable real estate.  I traded it for a desk someone was getting rid of.  The smaller desk helps me with my room arrangement, but it really is a bit small to sit behind.  I keep knocking my knees against the sides.  On the other hand, I don't sit there much.  When I was getting ready to put my stuff in the drawers I discovered some treasures way in the back of a drawer.  One of the treasurers was a school roster of all the kids and their teachers from 1992.  My oldest son was in 6th grade then and there was his name on the roster.  What fascinated me was that it was a typed list that had been mimeographed!!!  All of our rosters are now computerized.  How quickly things have changed.  Although I just realized that 1992  was almost 20 years ago, now.  Where has the time gone!

I had some time to tidy up my work area before I went home. So here are some "clean" work space pictures ;)

                                                                   4:00 PM

I even got most of my planbook filled out for next week!

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revkjarla said...

awwww.....I used to teach 6th grade! I love your desk and all the treasures on it! Wonderful play, thank you!