Thursday, March 1, 2012

More Vacation

Tuesday was more of the same  - Words with Friends,  household chores, a little DVR watching.  Wednesday was busier.  My husband and I had some "quality time" --- going grocery shopping together.  I really dislike grocery shopping and most of the time he does it, but occasionally he asks me to go with him.  The only saving grace is that when I go, I do find different products to try.  He sticks to the list we make at home and rarely deviates, so when I am getting bored with my cooking, I make a grocery store trip to get re-inspired.  I have to admit that nothing inspired me during this last trip, other than I bought some different varieties of canned soup.
Then in the afternoon, he drove me to the eye dr's for my annual appointment.  Since my eyes were scheduled for dilation, I decided a chauffeur would be in order.  The doctor's office is conveniently located at our hospital which also is the home of our "Wellness Center."  While I had my eyes examined, my husband took advantage of the therapy pool to stretch some of his arthritic joints.  The good news from the eye doctor is that my vision hasn't changed and I don't need a new prescription.  The bad news is that she is concerned about a couple areas in my retinas - they have tiny holes-  and she wants me to see a retina specialist.  She told me that "it's probably nothing to worry about" and that it's probably a hereditary issue.  So I'm scheduled to see the specialist at the end of March.  I have to take a whole day off from school to accomplish that, but that's okay.  I ended up the day by heading out into the beginning of a big snowstorm to attend a Chamber of Commerce awards dinner.  My church won the "Non-profit Organization of the Year" award and we were being honored. As the church's moderator it behooved me to attend.  About a dozen members of the church attended and the pastor and I had to go up on stage in front of about 150 people to accept the award.  The tricky part of it was that I had assumed the pastor would make the acceptance speech.  Nope!  That honor fell to me, only nobody told me ahead of time!  Luckily my teaching career has taught me to think on my feet, and I managed to make a  few acceptance remarks.  (Back at my table, one of my companions told me that I definitely improved on the Oscar acceptance speeches!)  No matter, we got a nice plaque, some really good PR, and we had a great meal.  We've also been asked to host the local high school baccalaureate this year, so that's all good!  I got home about 9:30 after a tense, steering wheel clenching ride home -- the snow was coming down heavy, and the roads were slippery.  And thus ended day 5 of vacation.

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