Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Some Knitting

I finished these 2 projects over last week's vacation.

First is this baby sweater and hat from an old Creative Knitting magazine. The pattern is called "Adorable Baby Cables" from the Nov. 2008 edition.   While I love the color, I wasn't as pleased with the results as I wanted to be.  The hems keep curling despite some crocheted edging.  The hat especially curls in a peculiar manner.  I used Plymouth Encore which is my go-to yarn for baby gifts.  Of course, it wasn't until I'd finished the hat that I discovered (accidentally, while researching something else) that there had been a correction posted for the hat pattern.  I may re-knit it.

The 2nd finished project was this pair of socks.  These are Ann Budd's Undulating Rib socks from Favorite Socks.  The pattern doesn't show up well because of the yarn colors, but they fit really well.  I will use this pattern again with a solid color yarn or a more muted pallet.    The yarn was On-Line Supersocke Sierra 100.  I bought this yarn and the Encore from my favorite yarn supplier WEBS.

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Panhandle Jane said...

Nice work! I find that particular brand of yarn usually wears very well and gets more and more comfortable.