Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday - 7 Days Left

So, it's the last Monday of summer vacation.  Next week we go back for 3 days of inservice, and then the kids come back on Thursday.  It gets a teeny bit harder every year to go back!  I can't complain - this has been a terrific summer for relaxing.  Despite my health issues, I've taken it easy.

So how did I spend today?  I slept in until all of 7 am, and then enjoyed a leisurely cup of coffee and the internet.  I have a routine -- check email, hit FB,  head over to Ravelry, check out several blogs, check my school email, then head back to FB to play my games (Words with Friends, Pyramid Solitaire, Bubble Safari, Bubble Witch Saga.   I gave up on Gardens of Time and Hidden Chronicles because they were too dependent on continually adding friends to progress!).  By this time it's past 8 am, and I got a couple of phone calls from friends and family.  I spent the next hour showering, breakfast, and getting laundry started.  I had a few more phone calls, and I finally emptied a bookshelf that needed clearing out.  I filled a trash bag, and filled a box with giveaways.  I headed back to the kitchen and tackled the refrigerator.  Since today is the day we get our new basket of produce, I really needed to see what was left over in the veggie bins.  I cleaned them out and decided to make a refrigerator cole slaw --- red cabbage, Napa cabbage, some fennel, carrots, a pepper, and an onion all got shredded.  That took care of most of the produce that needed using up.  Then I pureed a largish zucchini and made a cake with it as a treat for the week.  This was a new recipe I found on Pinterest.  Mine doesn't look as pretty!  The glaze was much too drippy on my cake.
But I'll bet it will taste good!

   By the time all the baking and slaw-ing was done, it was time for lunch.  I spent the afternoon finishing laundry, reading, and then made a trip over to the farm to get our new basket.  We got a lot of cukes and squash, too much for just us, so my husband took some to a friend.

And now it's about time to start dinner, and then . . . some knitting and the start of slowly adjusting my body clock back to school bedtime!

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