Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Three Weeks and Counting

Where is the summer break going?  Three weeks minus one day, and back on the treadmill we go!  My husband and I took a mini break this past weekend, partly to try to beat the hot, steamy weather.  He came home early Friday afternoon and we took off for Maine.  We had no particular destination in mind, just the desire to get away and eat some fresh lobster.  We headed up towards Portland, but were unable to find a place to stay.  Not surprising since it WAS Friday, and it WAS an August weekend.  We ate at Lord's in Wells Harbor.  We've been there several times before.  They have a terrific seafood chowder, perhaps the best I've ever had - it's chockfull of fish, shrimp, lobster, and scallops and (don't tell anyone) it's made with real cream.  I also had the "Three-Tailed Lobster" - 3 split lobster tails.  Pure ecstasy!  Since we couldn't find a place to stay we headed back south, and by chance found a place in Portsmouth, NH.  We got the very last room (due to a late cancellation) and enjoyed a comfortable bed, a spacious room, and glorious air conditioning.

 On Saturday we hopped aboard the Thomas Laighton, and took a 3 hour cruise of Portsmouth Harbor and the Isles of Shoals (about 6 miles offshore).  It was a gorgeous day on the water and there was a lovely sea breeze.  We arrived back home about 5 pm, just in time to enjoy a strong thunderstorm.

The steambath weather finally gave way to lovely dry weather and even a pretty coolish night.  This is a busy week:  Appointments today and tomorrow, and a day-long workshop on Friday.  I am also hoping to go to the NH League of Craftsmen annual fair on Thursday if all goes well.  A friend and I try to go every year and every year I add to my jewelry collections.

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