Tuesday, October 30, 2012

No Power but . . .

We survived the storm quite comfortably.  We received almost 4 inches of rain in less than 12 hours and we had wind gusts up to 45 mph with sustained winds of between 30-35 mph.  Our power went out about 5 pm yesterday and it's still out (9 am Tuesday), but since we have a generator we are enjoying "luxury camping."  We have heat, hot water, shower, refrigeration,  a few lights, and a couple of "live" outlets to use.  So I can plug in my Keurig, a toaster, or other small appliances - just not all at the same time!  No word yet on how long the power will be out.  Only about 10% of my town lost power, but I live on the outskirts and our power line comes in from the west whereas most of town gets there power from the east.  NH has over 200,000 people without power (out of 1.1 million).  We didn't get any damage on our property.  Most of our big trees came down during the 2008 ice storm.  The new construction also survived unscathed.  However a friend of mine got a tree through her roof and there are a lot of trees and limbs down elsewhere.  School is cancelled for the second day in a row - not a wonderful prospect for getting out early in June!!

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