Wednesday, December 17, 2008


We're in Day 5 of Survivor:Ice Storm. We were hit on Thursday/Friday with an inch or so of ice covering everything. It brought down just about every power line, topping poles, and downing 1000's of trees. We have been without power since 2 am Friday morning. Fortunately we have a generator that provides us with heat, water (we have a well), refrigeration, a few lights and outlets through which I can run the computer, a crockpot, a coffee maker, and/or an electric skillet. Our phone line went down sometime early Saturday morning and was restored today. I have dial up internet so I can get on-line again. We haven't received any word yet as to when our power will be restored. I can't complain because I have my basic necessities - and I can read and knit. Our schools have been cancelled until Jan. 5th giving us 7 extra vacation days. I've always wanted the week before Christmas off -- I just wish I could do my baking! I'd also like to be able to do laundry. This storm is unprecedented ----- almost 70% of our roads were impassable for several days due to trees and wires across them. We lost many trees. Fortunately none of them hit our house. It's incredible to see how vulnerable we are ---- businesses were unable to open, the grocery store had to throw out most of the perishable food. While most roads are open, you have to drive slowly watching for dangling wires, leaning poles, and limbs. We had a huge branch dangling from the wires that cross our road in front of our house until yesterday. Large vehicles couldn't pass without hitting it. That's the main reason why schools are closed --- the buses can't get down more than 50% of the back roads. It is just unbelievable.

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Jennifer said...

So glad you have some power.
May it all be restored.