Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring at Last?

The yard is finally clear of snow, except for one small pile over in the shade of the house.  I actually have a couple of crocus blooming, and a few hardy daffodils are threatening to blossom in a couple of days.  But I finally heard the peepers today --- the small frogs that inhabit the swampy areas.  Spring IS here.  We had a lovely sunny day, that almost reached 60° . Of course I spent the major part of the day inside my classroom!

Next week is our spring vacation, and then it's on to June 21st.  We have to make up 6 days of school which  is not going to be fun!  Our vacation plans include cleaning and decluttering.  As the new house approaches completion, the reality of moving is also approaching.  I look around my house and wonder what am I going to do with all of our stuff!  A lot of the decisions will be easy, but there will be too many difficult ones ---- what do I do with some pieces of furniture that probably won't fit into the new house but I can't bear to get rid of them.  Where in the new house will my collection of angels and artisan glass go?  What are we going to do with things that we've been storing for our sons who live in tiny apartments at the moment, but someday they want.  (Like the 6 ft bar mirror one son came home with as "tip" when he was in college, making money as a valet at a prestigious restaurant in Boston.  The restaurant had hosted a charity auction, and one of his customers won the mirror, but didn't really want it.  Seeing his admiration of the mirror, the woman gifted it to him.  He had it in his apartment in Boston, but when he moved to LA he left it here.)

I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to make paint color decisions.  I'm halfway there.  Next on the agenda is lighting.  We need to make final choices about pendant lights and bathroom lights, and outdoor lights.  Oh, and a fan.  And window trim and baseboards,  And what color will the doors be painted.  And . . . . and. . . .and....

I've been so busy I haven't been getting much reading done, and even less knitting.  Maybe I will catch up next week!

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Christine said...

Can you put the "extras" in a storage unit for awhile?
How exciting to be moving!!