Thursday, March 28, 2013

Two House Notes and a New Experience

House Note #1

Here's a pic of the granite slab we picked for our countertops:

It's not the clearest picture of the slab but you get the general idea.  One less decision to make!

House Note #2

The siding is going up.  Another not great picture, but the sun was in the wrong position.  The color is a dark, grayish green.

New Experience:

My husband is out of town tonight so dinner was on my own. I usually head home and have leftovers, or open a can of soup, or something like that.  Once in awhile, I'll grab a sandwich at the local sub shop to take hope.  Tonight however, I was in the mood for Chinese, especially the wonton soup our local Chinese restaurant serves.  Normally, I'd do takeout.  However, I really wanted the soup, and they don't do take out soup.  So . . . .I actually went in and got a table for one.  I ordered the soup and one of the dinner combos, and I sat there in the restaurant ALL BY MYSELF!  I enjoyed my dinner,  chatted with the server and one of the owners, and watched one of the home improvement shows on one of the TVs.  My husband wasn't impressed; he does this frequently when he's out of town on business.  But I have NEVER done this.  Maybe going to the movies alone is the next step???


Christine said...

I have gone by myself to dinner a FEW times. I find that the wait-staff are VERY nice. I do take a book though. Good for you - yes, movies are next!

Panhandle Jane said...

Be warned, it is much easier to "lose" at item in plain sight on a granite countertop, particularly if your glasses are off. That is a beautiful slab of granite. I can hardly wait to see pictures.

I was single for most of my twenties, and after a busy week with teenagers, one the of things I really enjoyed on Saturday was lunch at a restaurant with a book. I don't do that much anymore. In the small town where we lived for the past twenty-something years, it was impossible because people would just pull up a chair and join you. The closest I could get was to park at the Sonic, and even then someone would tap on the window to see if you were ok!