Friday, July 12, 2013

A Friday Five

I haven't done a Friday Five from  RevGalBlogPals  in a very long time.  Finally circumstances have converged to give me time to do one, and this one is fun!

Here's the prompt:

From  revjkarla
Because I am feeling silly, or perhaps, just out there, our FF is dedicated to creating silly sentences.  We all need a little meaningless creativity and humour, right?

Use these five words (in any tense) in a sentence:

1. pulpit, puppy, wrench, word, mouse.
2. weep, love, prayer, bassoon, chair
3. heart, shutter, wish, turtle, walk
4. howl, worry, window, story, trust
5. garden, hat, shepherd, laugh, sigh.

Here's my offering:

1.  Without a word, I rushed up to the pulpit and wrenched the mouse from the worship leader's hand when she started to project cute puppy videos up on the hymn screen during the silent prayer.

2.  Despite the fact that I love music, the sound of the off-key bassoon playing during the meditation prayer made me weep in agony, while other parishioners fidgeted uncomfortably in their chairs.

3.  I wished for a different outcome as I watched the solitary turtle walk across the porch in front of the now-shuttered door, stop, and withdraw deep into the heart of its shell.

4.  As Grandpa finished his spooky story, the howling of the wolves through the open window worried me, but I trusted that he would keep me safe.

5.  I laughed, and then sighed, at the spectacle of the silly hat perched on the head of the shepherd statue in the middle of the garden.


revkjarla said...

Totally adore your number 1! Great play, and thanks!

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

glad you added your fun play ! ty for making me laugh [& then sigh] ;))