Monday, July 21, 2014

Endless Summer --- NOT!

Summer is whizzing by.  We have finally moved/donated/sold/disposed of everything IN the old house.  Just have some stuff in the garage to deal with, and that's my husband's job!  Here at the new house I have been very slowly putting things to rights. My basement contains bins and boxes of things that need to be put away somewhere, or at least need to be reorganized.  Our plan to be very organized and methodical in packing and moving started off well, but then our time table speeded up.  We decided to rent the house to a colleague and her family who unexpectedly had to move out of her home by June 30.  They had to bring their belongings over to our house before we'd had a chance to get all of ours out.  So things became a bit chaotic.  One of the tasks that needs to be done is to at least figure out what's in each box!  

It's been interesting to figure out where to put things too.  My silver drawer isn't really large enough (thanks to a builder's error) so it's been tricky to organize.  I could use one more drawer that I don't have.  And I can't find things.  I go to get the tape dispenser which normally sat on a corner shelf under the wall phone, and then I realize we don't have a wall phone, nor do we have a shelf.  Then I spend 10 minutes trying to figure out where the roll of tape might be.  Most of the time it's in a box down in the basement!  You should have seen us trying to locate the first aid box just so we could get a bandaid for a paper cut!

I am finally relaxing too.  Not really sleeping any later or longer, but not having to get showered and dressed immediately makes for a much more leisurely morning.  I am finding myself actually sitting on my deck just enjoying the fresh air, the sunshine, and the bird song --- not watching TV or listening to music or even reading --- just sitting and being.
I could get used to this - the feeling of having all the time in the world.  When I have to do something I am not begrudging the time because I know there's plenty of it.  Once school begins there is no free time, and I never feel that I can just sit and do nothing.  There's always lesson planning, grading, housework, meals, laundry, errands, bookkeeping, etc.  Right now, the lesson planning and grading are off the grid.  Well at least the grading.  I am planning, but it's general planning and outlining -- reflecting on what went well last year, what needs to change, and looking at my incoming students to see where we need to start.  It's all "big picture" planning rather than all the nitty gritty details that take the most effort.

I've mentioned this before.  Summer reminds me of weekends, only longer.  The tail end of June is Friday evening.  Home from work, a few hours to relax, have fun, and think about the rest of the weekend.  July is Saturday.  Time to get to the business of summer - get the dentist/dr appts out of the way, clean up a bit, get some pesky errands out of the way, and then have fun the rest of the day.  August comes around and it's Sunday.  You have to go to work tomorrow.  You still try to squeeze out every ounce of relaxation, but you do have to start paying attention to work - did you get everything done that needed to be done before Monday.  So right now I am in the middle of my Saturday, enjoying myself!   Right now Saturday is my favorite day of the week.

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