Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Busy, RESTFUL Summer

Here it is, the last week of summer break.  Teachers go back next Monday and I am trying to squeeze out every last drop of rest and relaxation.  I'm not even thinking about (much) all the things I planned to do this summer and didn't get to.  It's been crazy, at least the beginning of the summer, but weirdly it's been one of the most relaxed summers I've enjoyed.

We spent most of June and about 2/3 of July on the move.  Once school got out at the end of June, moving tasks went into high gear. We managed to take the belongings that have amassed over 37 years of marriage and 30 years in one house, and pare them down to something more manageable.  We still have a little bit left in the barn/garage, but everything else has been moved, donated, sold, or thrown out.  We had some renovation work done at the old house, and we've rented it to some wonderful people.  At our new house, we've started the task of settling in. . . finding places for the necessaries and the precious items we've saved.  We still need to hang art work, do some more landscaping, add some shelving and organize the boxes and bins of things that now reside in our basement.

But amid all these tasks, I've really relaxed. We took some day trips, a mini-trip, and I've slept about 6.5 hrs each night, sipped on my morning coffee in a leisurely manner, eaten my breakfast on the deck watching the sun peek over the trees, birdwatched, read, knit, watched all my DVR'd shows.  I've thoroughly enjoyed my time.  I can't say that I'm ready to go back to the pressure cooker of school, but I am more ready than I've been in other years.  Maybe it's because I'm pretty sure that this will be my last year.

The old house - (Can't find the lovely spring picture of the house that is lost in an obscure folder), 5 bedrooms, 3400 sq ft.

The new house -  about 1/2 the square footage - 2 bedrooms, one floor-living, 3 miles closer to town!

A day on Lake Sunapee:

A day on Block Island, RI

Sunset in Galilee  (Rhode Island!)

From the deck of my new house - I've spent a lot of time here this summer!

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