Tuesday, February 6, 2007

O Where O Where can my knitting bag be?

I can't believe I left my knitting at school. I got home late last night and realized that I needed to actually cook something because I'd forgotten to plug the crockpot in. After a later than usual dinner, I finally collapsed into my chair and reached down to pick up the vest I really want to finish - only about 2 inches left to knit. And WHERE WAS IT!!!!! I distinctly remember putting my knitting bag on my desk chair to remember to bring it home. I searched the kitchen where I dump my stuff, and even put my coat on over my pjs to trudge out in subzero wind to the garage to see if I had left it there. Nope, no knitting. I finally gave up and started a pair of socks for my sister. Of course my knitting bag had the vest, and a 2nd project I'd started - some fingerless gloves. Today when I got to my classroom, lo and behold, there was my bag sitting right where I'd left it.

I have it tonight, so plan on getting some vest work done before bed time.

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