Saturday, October 27, 2007

Warm and Cuddly

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I finished my ruana this week. It's a design by Sandi Rosner, published by Ann Norling. I knit it from Noro Iro, colorway 43 on size 10.5 needles. It was easy and quick, and now it's warm and cuddly for the more seasonable weather we're having. I'm still working on a pair of socks, the Bluebell Rib, that are almost done.

I'm also still slogging through the Swan Lake stole. I am lost in clue 4 and abandoned it temporarily to do some easy knitting for a change. I'm not sure what my next project is going to be - perhaps the Green River tunic from Valley Yarns. I have a bunch of the Noro left so I'll probably do some mittens or fingerless mitt from it, and I have lots of sock yarn to transform. So many choices!


Panhandle Jane said...

I love that poncho! Where did you find the pattern? The colors work out beautifully.

Deb said...

here's a link to where you can buy the pattern. I bought the pattern at an LYS in Norton, MA last spring.

Thanks for the compliment! I had no idea how the colors would work out - I bought the yarn at the WEBS tent sale and really didn't know how stripy it was going to be. I love the colors too!