Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hot and Humid

Last week we were shivering and this week we're sweltering. We've broken several heat records over the last couple of days. We're in the low to mid 90's with incredible humidity. This is not normal June weather in NH. The ONLY saving grace for me is that my class room (temporary) is air conditioned. Since May 1st I've been enjoying a very spacious brand new classroom while the classrooms in the 1915 part of the building are being renovated. Unfortunately for me, I will be moving into a unrenovated 1950's classroom for fall. And it's tiny. Very tiny. I'm not sure how I will squeeze in there with my classes and still be able to do all the project work I like to do. I guess when it was built, it was all rows and worksheets. Not at all conducive to cooperative groups, project based work. Oh well. I'm enjoying the air conditioning for now. I don't have it at home so I haven't slept very well the past 3 nights. Last night, even with 2 fans going, my bedroom was 87° at 11 pm. It was down to 84° at 5 am. Outside was cooler, but by just a little. I prefer my usual winter bedroom temps (58-62°) better!

I just finished Elizabeth George's new book "Careless in Red." It was great! I've always enjoyed the Inspector Lynley series, and this one was one of her best. I think I especially enjoyed the fact that the whole story took place in Cornwall where I vacationed in April.

Counting down the days til school is out! (8 more!)

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