Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Knitting Projects Finished

This first is the Green River Tunic. I am very happy with the quality of the knitting but not happy with the fit. The neckline/shoulders are too wide for me, and despite reknitting the sleeves twice, they are also too long. I love the top, but in order to make it fun to wear, I think I will have to completely re-do the bodice, narrowing the neckline and shortening the armholes. Is this something I'm going to tackle? Not at the moment. I wore this out Sat. night and kept pulling the neckline up on my shoulders.

 The Princess Mitts should have been a snap, but it took a couple of froggings and re-knittings because the left thumb gusset chart was wrong. I got some false starts too, due to knitter stupidity! Once I figured out that the chart was wrong, it was pretty easy - except for some more knitter brain freeze. I really like these though! I have another skein of Classic Elite Princess in a turquoise so I will probably make another pair.

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