Sunday, December 7, 2008

Progress Report

I actually made quite a dent in my list yesterday. I finished all the items under the first 2 categories, and knit 3 inches on the back of the sweater I've started. I even managed to put a holiday tablecloth on my kitchen table, and I vacuumed the rug that's under that table. I couldn't stand the gritty crunch underfoot anymore!

My husband's off to the grocery store, and when he returns I will start the baking. Each grade level (6-8), plus the Unified Arts and Special Ed teams, rotate turns for taking care of the teachers' room. We also provide occasional treats for the rest of the staff. Our team decided to provide a hot drinks buffet every day -- not as difficult as it sounds. We have a huge coffee urn that's used to heat water and we have a huge selection of teas, cocoa, and flavored instant coffees. There are 8 of us on the team A(when we include the associates) and 4 Mondays this month, so we paired off and pair is bringing in some treats on our chosen Monday. I'm bringing a couple of loaves of home-made banana cranberry bread and a home-made poundcake, and my partner is bringing a fruit tray and some veggies and dip. I've actually got the banana breads done and just need to do the pound cake.

I just realized I need to find the Christmas cards I bought on sale last year for this year. I'm also searching unsuccessfully for my box of Christmas CD's. I have almost 50 of them, and they've gone missing!! Hmmm. If you were a crate of Cd's and someone actually got organized enough to store them in a logical place, where would that logical place be?? I have a faint recollection of having a brilliant idea last July when I was in an organization mode, and I put them somewhere out of sight, but logical. Don't suggest a closet --- my house came with only one closet. (It's an OLD house).

Well, on to some more items on my list.

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