Thursday, June 25, 2009

#62 - Miss Harper Can Do It

Miss Harper Can Do It: A Novel Miss Harper Can Do It: A Novel by Jane Berentson

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Annie Harper is 25, teaches 3rd grade in Tacoma, WA, and her long-time boyfriend has just been deployed to Iraq. She copes by keeping a journal which she hopes to publish as memoir - "Wartime Alone Time: When Abstinence Fights for Freedom." ** Annie chronicles the pain of separation, the guilt of leading a "normal" life while a loved one is in danger, email fights with her boyfriend, the adoption of a pet chicken, making new friends in unexpected places, and life with her students. Over the course of the 392 days of separation, Annie experiences a revelation or two. This is very funny, quite realistic, and a page-turner! I especially enjoyed the very informative footnotes which provided much of the 'back story', and the appendices made me chuckle. I learned some interesting facts about chickens and about water too!

** Footnote: As Annie's life changes, the title of her proposed memoir changes in keeping with circumstances.

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Jennifer said...

Sounds great! I'm alays grateful for your recommendations!