Saturday, June 13, 2009

Annoyed with Myself

For some reason, I made two goofs with my knitting projects. The first goof is with a lovely sweater I started in late winter. I was going great guns with it, and I put it away for a bit while I feverishly knit a baby blanket with a deadline. I picked up the sweater about 2 weeks ago, only to discover I've run out of yarn. I'm not sure why this has happened because I am spot on gauge! That threw me for a bit, but with help from WEBS, and Ravelry I was able to locate 3 skeins of the color and dyelot I needed. Now I just have to wait for the yarn to arrive.

So, next I started a cotton blend sweater I've wanted to make for ages. I ordered the yarn from WEBS last summer, and had to wait for it because it was backordered. The yarn eventually arrived, but I put off starting it several times. I just started it yesterday. I have discovered that I didn't order enough yarn. I need 11 skeins, but I only ordered 10. I thought I'd ordered 12 (I usually order one extra, just in case) but after going through almost all my stash I found the order slip -- I only got 10. Now I have to see if I can match the dyelot. . . . Grr!!

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Songbird said...

I had a similar problem with a sweater for my daughter, ran out about halfway up the sleeves (I was knitting them at the same time) and had to make do with a different dye lot. The original yarn store had closed, so I had little choice. Fortunately it was close enough, and since I continued the two balls/two sleeves at a time method, the sleeves matched. But,oh! how frustrating!