Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Five: Decisions, Decisions

Rev. Songbird posted this at RevGalBlogPals.

Since I've been in the midst of a discernment process, I've done a lot of reflecting on how we make decisions. But don't worry, I'm not going to ask you to reveal a dark story about a poor decision, or a self-flagellating story about an embarrassing one. Let's keep it simple and go with five word pairs. Tell us which word in the pair appeals to you most, and after you've done all five, give us the reason why for one of them.

Here are my decisions!

1.  Cake!!  Wins out over pie 99.99% of the time, although there are a couple of pies that are strong contenders (pecan, a homemade lemon meringue, and a toasted almond cream pie to die for at a local restaurant.) But give me a cake, preferably "Mrs. Crossley's Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting", or the wonderful toffee-ish  Burnt Sugar Cake, which sounds awful but is indescribably delicious!

2.  Train.  However, train travel rarely is a possibility for us.  Loved taking the train in England from London to Penzance, and I took the train from New Haven, CT to Cincinnati, OH once.  That was a 24 hour trip that took me to Washington, DC, Stoughton, VA and Charlestown, WV before depositing me EXACTLY 24 hours at a station in a seedy part of the city.  I hate air travel, though it does get you there more quickly than other modes.  

3.  PC.  

4. Equivocal.  I can always see the other side.  Too much so, sometimes.

5.  Peter.  I've always felt a bit sorry for him.  He's the rock but Paul got the publicity!


Songbird said...

Writers get the advantage, don't they?

altar ego said...

There was a restaurant in Richmond, IN that made a caramel ice cream pie that was out of this world. I would take that over cake anytime.

Mary Beth said...

Seeing the other what makes life interesting. Said the INFP. :)

Teri said...

altar ego: OMG, yum. That sounds incredible.

RE 4--yep, sometimes too much--I so get that...

SingingOwl said...

Another INFP here (hi, Mary Beth) who agrees with you that sometimes it would be easier NOT to see both sides. I hate always standing in the middle of the road.