Monday, June 6, 2011

My Summer Retreat

The big project this past weekend was to get our porch ready for summer.  For the last 2 years, I've been looking for new porch furniture.  We have had a white plastic suite (table, 4 chairs, ), 2 white plastic chaises, and a couple semi-matching end tables.  My husbands parents gave us the table and chairs as an anniversary gift about 25 years ago.  We certainly got their money's worth from them, buying new cushions every few years.  But we decided that it was time for a new look.  The heavy plastic frames just wouldn't clean up very well, and the table just took up too much space.  We rarely used it except as a plant stand and pollen catcher.  It took us 2 years of looking to find a set that we liked, could afford, and was comfortable. Last year we found an almost ideal set, but the cushions only came in one very ugly color.  Three weeks ago we found what we were looking for at Home Depot, on sale, and with free delivery.  So we spent this past weekend prepping the porch.  We dragged all the old furniture off and stored it for a yard sale later this month.  Then we got out the power washer, and I blasted away at the accumulated pollen, dust, and spots of mildew.  Once everything was clean and dry, the new furniture was installed.  I kept one glider chair that came from my parents' porch -- I need to find a new cushion for its ottoman, but the rest of the furniture is new.  I can't wait for school to end so I can live out on what we're calling our OutDoor Room.

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Panhandle Jane said...

That is soooo lovely! Enjoy!