Friday, June 24, 2011

Ten Random Observations About Moving Classrooms

1.  First day of summer vacation!  At last!! Yesterday was hellacious as has most of the week.  So how did I spend my first day?  I went to school and spent 5 1/2 hours packing up my room and moving everything but the furniture to my new room.

2.  I have a lot of stuff ---- I should have photographed it!  Teachers save anything and everything we think might be useful . . . SOME DAY!

3.  Why did I move a box of empty plastic jars for the third time?  I used them for a science experiment two years ago, but I don't teach science anymore.

4.  I have approximately 20 used one-inch binders.  They fit into my wastebasket quite nicely.  No, I didn't throw them out.  That's how I packed them to move!

5.  I've learned how to steer a loaded dolly around myriad corners, into the elevator, up 2 ramps and through 2 sets of double doors.  I made 11 trips in all.

6.  My bookshelves and table tops are dirty!!!  Disgustingly so!  Even though I clean them regularly.

7.  I found a snack size bag of Fritos in my closet.  No idea where it came from.

8.  I have a TON of maps.

9.  Old-style AVON boxes are still the best packing boxes I've ever had.  They don't use them any more according to my BF who's also an Avon rep.

10.  A lot of teachers were in the building moving too --- and none of us get compensated in any way for moving rooms.

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