Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pluses and Minuses

In no particular order:

Plus:  The downstairs heat works.
Minus:  Just about every piece of furniture has had to be moved - and most of it now needs to be moved back.
Plus:  My principal bought some new LCD projectors, and now I have one for my very own use!  (Not one of the new ones, but now I don't have to share the one I've been using with anyone!)
Plus:  My partner and I got a set of "clickers" - student instant response system- to share.
Minus:  Two days of interrupted schedule at school due to special events and a fire drill.
Minus:  I sat down Monday night to watch some TV.  The TV wouldn't turn on.  Spent at least an hour trying to trouble shoot.  No luck.  Tuesday did some research, made some calls ---- TV definitely kaput.
Plus:  At least the DVR worked and most of my "must watch" shows have been captured.
Minus:  We've been dealing with intermittent internet service for the past 24 hours.  Every time I call my tech support person, I'm given conflicting device.  Internet just went down.  Probably have lost all of this post.
Plus: My Lands' End order arrived and EVERYTHING fits and looks good!  Even the dress I thought was a longshot!  
Double plus:  I have managed to lose almost 20 pounds since last winter without really trying  --- just have tried to exercise more regularly, and to stop eating when I'm full.  I've also stopped eating bread  unless it's whole grain.  I've stopped worrying about buying no fat products too - my endrocrinologist told me that because I'm insulin resistant I'd be better off eating a smaller serving of regular products because they have less sugar, and because they do contain some fat, I'd feel more satisfied.  She must be right.
Plus:  Went to the "city" last night to go to Sears and bought a new TV.  Brought it home and got it set up myself!  
Minus.  Internet is definitely down again.

Overall, a pretty normal week!  

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