Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Getting Some Answers

First of all, school is out!  We've never been out before June 15th since I've been teaching, so June 14 was a  huge blessing.  I did go in on Friday to attend a "Get Acquainted with Your iPad" workshop.  The district bought all the middle school teachers an iPad to use next year so I spent 3.5 hrs playing with it, with expert help available.  I had a terrific year, but it is so wonderful to be out for 9.5 weeks!

I've been having a lot of trouble with my hands (and other parts of my body) and I've been seeing the orthopedics dept as well as occupational therapy to deal with pain and swelling of my fingers.  After some blood work, it was determined that I needed to go see a rheumatologist, and wonders of wonders, I managed to snag a cancellation appt this morning.  Otherwise I would have to wait until September!
I apparently have inflammatory arthritis, probably rheumatoid arthritis, although the tests haven't been definitive.  At the moment it's being called "atypical" RA.  I got sent to the vampires again, and this time they drew 8 vials of blood.  I was also sent for a chest Xray - as a base line, since RA can attack heart and lungs too.  Joy! (not!!)  I really liked the doctor.  He spent over an hour with me, interviewing me as far as symptoms, and lifestyle,  and he of course did a neuro assessment.  I liked the way he made me feel comfortable, and took his time to get to know me.  So, while I'm still waiting for test results, at least I've got a preliminary diagnoses that explains a lot.  Now to learn how to control it.

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