Saturday, June 9, 2012

It's Almost Over!

Three and a half more days to go.  We are getting out earlier than we've gotten out in years.  This was due to only 2 weather days this year.  Usually we have 6-7.  It's been a great year for me.  I finally (after 4 years) got back to teaching 6th grade social studies and language arts.  Although language arts was a challenge this year because I had to give up my reading/writing workshop format to teach a prescribed curriculum, it was such a pleasure to teach 6th graders again.  And after 4 long years I got to teach 6th grade social studies -- ancient civilizations-- which is my passion!  What a difference it makes all around!!  The icing on the cake this year was the great group of kids we had.  They were genuinely caring, kind, and funny.  Yes, they were very young 6th graders (several who still believed in Santa), and they were terrible listeners, but I am having a difficult time saying good bye to them.  And I love that!  If I could have several more years of classes like this one, I could see myself teaching till past 60!

Yesterday two incredible things happened on a walking field trip to a local ice cream stand.  As I placed the order for ice cream for my teaching partner and me (myself?), a gentleman at the next window asked if I was a teacher.  I said yes.  He then insisted I put my money away, and he paid for our orders telling us that we aren't appreciated enough!  Later, as we were getting ready to leave the picnic area, I went back to the order window to get some ice cream for the principal back at school.  A woman commented on how polite, caring, and well-behaved are students were and she wondered what church group we were with.  When I told her we were from the local public school, she was flabbergasted and she told me that she had no idea public schools taught kids how to behave well.   (A sad commentary on public perceptions!)  I thanked her and told her that our school values are respect, responsibility, and integrity, so we try very hard to instill those values in our kids.

So, with only 3 1/2 more days to go, I'm glad to say it's been a terrific year, for a change!

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Panhandle Jane said...

What a wonderful experience at the ice cream store! Validating experiences don't happen often enough. I'm glad you had such a good year.

Sorry about the prescribed curriculum. That's happened here, too. I am so glad that I don't have to deal with it.