Sunday, January 13, 2013

What Keeps Me on the Run!

It was an exhausting and busy week and I'm still recuperating.  Wish the exhaustion was the result of all the fun I've been having!  It was a pretty full school week - 5 days that included 3 parent meetings during my planning time, plus an association meeting, and a meeting with a teacher about a potential grievance issue.  We also had a workshop on Tuesday in lieu of our staff meeting.  On Wed. I was out late at church, moderating our annual meeting.   I stayed at school until 5 pm on Friday, getting all my grading done, planning this upcoming week, and copying all the resources the kids will need.

On the home front, we finally got the upstairs toilet (which broke New Year's Eve day) replaced.  The water tank fell off the back of the toilet and couldn't be fixed.  It took almost a week to get that taken care of which meant a long trip down the stairs in the middle of the night for that 2 am trek!  And then on Friday, we discovered that the fridge was malfunctioning.  We pulled everything out and thoroughly cleaned it, and unplugged it overnight because apparently ice had built up at the bottom, preventing cold air from circulating. It's still not 100% but it is working better.  I'll have to call the repairman tomorrow to take a look.  I certainly hope that it can be fixed because I do not want to purchase a new fridge for this house.

Yesterday we spent most of the day meeting with various contractors.  We spent an hour with the electrician figuring out where we want outlets, appliance hookups, and lighting.  Decisions, decisions, decisions!  We met with the insulation person (who happened to be a former student of mine!) and decided on the type of insulation to use.  Then we headed to a tile store to meet with the tile contractor, and to look at possible tile for the mudroom entry, and the guest bath floor, and the master shower and floor. I had wanted to tile the bathroom walls up halfway, but the budget won't support that right now.  Then we headed to some appliance stores to get some research done in person instead of just online.  Wow!  Are appliances expensive nowadays!!

Today was mostly bookkeeping and laundry.  I had hoped to get to church but it didn't happen.  I still have a few chores to get done, and then I hope I can get some down time.  Another busy week looms!

                                                          Looking into the master bedroom.

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