Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Looking Like Home

As the interior walls go up and the plumbing/electric decisions are being made, the new house is looking more and more like my future home!

The front door has been installed!

And so has the bathtub in the guest bathroom.

I also stepped out on the deck off the dining/kitchen area.

I was blindsided (as usual!) with the fact that the plumbers were starting to install fixtures.  I haven't even picked them out.   When I expressed dismay to my DH, he had a hard time understanding why I wanted a say in picking them out!!   I received a phone call yesterday afternoon while I was on my planning period at school. The conversation went this way:

"You have to go over to the house and let the plumbers know how high you want the shower."


"Right after school.  They're there until 4 pm."

"But I have a staff meeting, and then I have a meeting at the SAU. I won't be home til around 5."

"Yeah but they're at the house, and they're going to install fixtures."

"Wait, a sec!  I didn't know the plumbers were installing fixtures.  I thought they were doing the rough work."

"They are, but while they're here, they are going to starting putting in the fixtures. The bathtub is in."

"What?? We haven't picked anything out."

"What's to pick out?  A tub is a tub.They're going to work on the master shower next."

"But we haven't even finalized what the shower's going to look like!  We're still waiting for the 2nd quote from the other tile guy.  We don't even know which wall the shower head will be on."

"But there are 3 plumbers here all day.  They have to get to work."

And so forth.  So, last evening instead of getting some schoolwork done, I spent 3 hours going through the Kohler and other websites, trying to figure out what type of showerhead, faucets, and toilets I wanted.
My eyes started going buggy.  I chose a couple of items, but I really wish I had time to go to a showroom or even Home Depot!

My biggest complaint about this construction project is the double speak I get.  "You don't need to make this decision right now, you've got plenty of time" on Monday, and on Tuesday, 'We're here to install X"  A bit of exaggeration, but you get the idea.

The universe is taking pity on me.  We have a totally unexpected snow day today!! So, once more into the breach.  At least I can review the choices I made last night and continue the search for faucets.  I didn't realize that your sink choices (which I haven't made yet) can impact your faucet choices! And I certainly haven't escaped the "champagne taste, beer budget" conundrum that most people face!

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