Saturday, March 23, 2013

Some Disappointment

The good news is that the kitchen cabinets will be in this week!

This isn't the actual cabinet, but it's the same wood and same stain.  It's red birch with "espresso" stain.

The bad news is that the vessel sink for the guest bath that my husband absolutely fell in love with and had his heart set on is not available.  I have never seen him so heartbroken!  We spent some time this morning with our fabulous designer at the home center trying to find something else he liked.  I have to admit that his first choice was gorgeous, but it wasn't what I would have picked.  We ended up choosing this one ---- it is lovely, but again, it's not what I would have picked.  (I have to let him have final say on a few things!)

We had re-think all our choices for the bathroom vanity and countertop, and obviouslymy original paint color  color choice will have to change.

I also started looking at paint colors for the great room and the bedroom.  In our bedroom, I think I'm going to use Benjamin Moore's Antique Glass.

The great room I think will have the color, Misted Fern by Benjamin Moore, as the base color.

I still need to look for coordinating colors for the great room.  I'm thinking the green as the base wall, what you see when you first come in, and along the kitchen cabinet wall.  Then as you turn into the dining area, I think I want a lighter shade of the color, and then around the TV/fireplace wall, a neutral.  I might carry the neutral color down the hallway towards the bedrooms.  Decisions, decisions!  But at least paint color is easily changed!  (Relatively speaking.)


Panhandle Jane said...

I think your color choices look wonderful. Our master bedroom is a similar color, and I really like it. Someday I will get to finish the decorating in there. I have the stuff, but that is in the part of our possessions that we have to go back for, darn it! Now that I'm feeling better, I'm getting impatient.

The vessel sink is indeed lovely. I think that you will like it after all is said and done, but it is disconcerting when you have to change plans that you have visualized.

Christine said...

A pinterest pin I pinned offers Benjamin Moore "Palladian" as the most beautiful color to pick up light.
However I do like your colors!

Deb said...

I've seen the Palladian blue, and it's been on my list . . .and who knows, it might get used. I bought paint samples today of the colors I picked so we'll see what they look like once we get them up! (I found both the antique glass and the palladian on Pinterest too!)

Christine said...

I got onto Pinterest because of you!