Saturday, August 31, 2013

Back to School

School started this week ---teachers went back Monday for three days of in service, and the kids returned on Thursday.  It was a fairly calm start to the year, marred only by the fact that I have pneumonia.  I've been sick now for just about 2 weeks.  I went to the doctor on 8/19 and at that time I told him I thought I had pneumonia.  He checked me out and told me, he really didn't think so, that I probably just had a virus.  He sent me home with a prescription for a cough suppressant and instructions to call if I wasn't feeling better by Thursday.  I spent the couple of days, running a fever, feeling about as bad as I've ever felt, but when Thursday rolled around, I started to feel better.  Friday I felt like I had really beaten the bug.  And then Sat came.  The fever was back, the coughing intensified, and everything hurt.  Because it was the weekend, I couldn't get hold of anyone and I really didn't want to go to the ER. On Monday, I got in touch with the dr who decided to prescribe an antibiotic and to order  a chest xRay.  So up to the hospital I went late Monday afternoon.  I also filled the prescription.  Tuesday comes, I felt marginally better.  I called the dr's office first thing to get the results from the xRay.  "They're not back yet."  I called again at noon with the same response.  I called at 4:30 and again got the "Not back yet" response. Wed. morning I called and was told "We tried to call you yesterday."  I went a teeny bit ballistic at that point and I reminded the nurse that I'd called 3 times on Tuesday. She finally admitted that perhaps their office had made a mistake.  At any rate, the xRay showed that I indeed had pneumonia and should continue with the antibiotic.  As far as work was concerned, it was up to me as to whether I went in or not as long as I didn't have a fever.   So, off to work I went for the rest of the week.  I'm glad I did because those 1st few days are really important in getting the kids off on the right foot, but boy am I tired.  I"m glad we have a 3 day weekend, because I'm still not over this.  At least I'm starting to sleep uninterrupted by coughing for 5-6 hours in a row.  But now, I'm having trouble with the antibiotic and my digestive tract.  Oh well.

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