Monday, July 13, 2015

Good So Far

While I didn't meet my goal of spending the equivalent of 2.5 hrs organizing last week, I did come close.  And I am satisfied with what I accomplished.  One of the main areas that I wanted to tackle is our home office.  I managed to empty out all the boxes/baskets of miscellany and I did a lot of filing.  I made space for the new twin sleeper sofa we purchased too.  Now we will be able to offer mattresses to three guests if the need arises, like it did 2 weeks ago!  The sofa will arrive on Thursday which gives me a couple days to find a new home for the remaining bin of photos that need sorting!  Now if I can get my husband to sort through the small pile of papers that he needs to tackle.  

In between the organization effort, I did some knitting and a lot of reading.  I even made it to church for a change!  I'm also totally engrossed in PBS Sunday night shows:  Season 3 of "Last Tango in Halifax", "Poldark", and "The Crimson Field."  Three completely different shows and time periods.  Modern rural England, late 18th century England, and a field hospital in Belgium during World War I.  I've also been watching "A Place to Call Home" Home" on Acorn TV via my Roku.  This one is set in 1950's Australia.   Watching TV is my primary knitting time.  

I am working on a sweater, Mindy, made out of Cascade Yarns Pure Alpaca Paints. The yarn has been discontinued, which is a shame, because it's so soft and cozy. I've completed the sleeves and the back, and I'm about 1/3 of the way done with the first front.  If I am diligent, I might actually finish it before fall!  I really want to knit a cowl I fell in love with when I went to Webs with my BF.  But I am a monogamous knitter;  it's hard for me to be knitting more than one project at a time.  

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