Friday, July 17, 2015

New Furniture

As mentioned in my last post, we bought some new furniture this week.  It was delivered yesterday, exactly when they said they'd come.  I love my local furniture store - Plotkins, in Keene, NH.  It's a family-owned store, and while they can't really compete with the big box store furniture stores (Jordan's, Bernie & Phil's etc.), their prices are reasonable, and they are willing to negotiate!  They carry a number of excellent furniture lines too, and many are American-made.  Friendly sales staff who understand that furniture is a major investment don't mind helping you and answering all your questions, even if you're not ready to buy add to the pleasure of shopping there.   Although I always shop around, I always end up here.

So here's what we ended up purchasing:

It's a twin sleeper sofa, and it fits perfectly into a small niche in our home office.  Our down-sized home has only 2 bedrooms, so we're limited in offering overnight hospitality unless you're willing to sleep on the floor!  At least now we can have Younger Son and his wife, plus Elder Son stay with us at the same time!  

The other purchase was for my husband.  When we purchased our sectional, we also found a coordinating recliner to go with it.  For the past year, all I've heard is my husband's complaints about it.  So, despite my attempt to maintain a more contemporary look to my living area, I caved, and we purchased this:

He's happy.  The other recliner, which we can still use, has a sleeker look, it's much less bulky, and it's leather. It's quite comfortable, but he missed his plush, overstuffed, cushy chair.  So this accompanied the sleeper sofa.  

We scheduled the delivery for yesterday around mid-day.  The store called at 11 am, and told me the delivery truck would arrive between 12 and 1.  At 12:45 they pulled into the yard, unloaded, and by 1 pm they were on their way back.  Perfect!  

My husband is like a kid at Christmas, and loves his chair, so I guess I can live with Red.

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