Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wednesday's Wanderings

I woke up at 6:05 am and realized that I needed to hustle in order to make the 7 am water aerobics class I've been attending.  7 am??? Am I nuts??  Maybe.  The good thing is that because I also needed to have a bloodwork done today and I had to fast, it wasn't too hard to get to the pool on time.  After class, I headed to the lab for the bloodwork.  When I went in, there were 4 people ahead of me.  As I sat waiting, 5 more people came in.  The last of the 1st 4 went in for his work, and when the tech came out, she called the person who came in after me.  Then they called the next person after that one, and then the 3rd person.  At that point, I went up to the window to inquire how much longer the wait would be (it had been almost half an hour).  Shock and consternation on the part of the lab's receptionist!!  Apparently, my name had been crossed off as being done.  I appreciate the fact that they were sincerely apologetic, and I got in next.  And wonder of wonders, the lab tech drew blood on the first try which rarely happens.

After that,  I headed to a local bagel shop and enjoyed a really delicious egg, cheese, and tomato sandwich on a toasted everything bagel.  Yummy!  They had free wireless too, so I had a nice leisurely breakfast.  Next, I headed about 15 miles away to our "local" JCPenney's to return an item.  Of course I had to check out the sales, and ended up spending some money on several cute season-spanning tops, a pair of fall pants (30% off!), and a long neutral season-spanning cardigan.

Finally got home at noon.  This afternoon is pretty open.  I have to call my internet provider to demand a credit for the 10 days I was without internet, and I need to get some laundry done.  Housework is also looming, but I will probably leave that until tomorrow.

I am getting used to this retirement gig!

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